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Digi Haro - Radio Controlled - SOLD OUT

Digi Haro - Radio Controlled - SOLD OUT
Digi Haro - Radio Controlled - SOLD OUT
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Product Description

This is a radio-controlled version of the ever-popular ball-shaped mascot from the Gundam series: Haro! Comes with the green Digi-Haro itself (in 1/4 scale, it's about 10cm in diameter) and a controller which is the pink Gundam Seed version of Haro (also in 1/4 scale, it's only 8 cm around; the Seed version is of course smaller than the original Haro). One hand is the on/off switch, and you just flip up the ears to turn it. Use the controller to make Haro roll forward, backward, turn, open and close its "ears" and talk. And speaking of "talking"... one button makes Haro say, "Haro! Genki!" and the other makes it chirrup with computer-ish sounds. Different combos make it come up with things like "Ohayou," "Oyasumi," "Omae genki ka," "Haro daijini kawaigatte," and "Miro! Miro! Mii!". Its little eyes even light up as it rolls and talks! An additional setting, "free," causes Haro to move about and talk randomly. It is really fun, even if you are clueless as to what is is saying! While there are two different frequencies available, we cannot guarantee specific frequencies; we will send two different frequencies if two are ordered so that they can function at the same time. Requires 5 AAA batteries, three for the Digi Haro and two for the controller.

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