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The Best & Worst R.I.P. Moment Game

The Best & Worst R.I.P. Moment Game
In honor of Halloween, ghosts, and all things morbid and macabre...

We introduce
The Best & Worst
R.I.P. Moment Game
and $150 in prizes!

Your Votes Have Been Counted!
And The Winners Are In!

We have reorganized the entries below to reflect the winners! Congratulations, Recruits... and great answers all-around from everyone on this game!!

We're also awarding a $5 Honorable Mention prize in each category below. These were for answers we especially liked, but that didn't make it to be finalists.

There are some repeat winners, but we want to let everyone who entered know that the selection of the finalists was all done anonymously; the voting for finalists was done with help from local Gundam fans as well as the GSAM crew. We had a LOT of fun with this game and really enjoyed the creativity and variety of the submissions. We hope to come up with a similar game again and even think of ways to expand on it! (If you have any suggestions for a future game, feel free to drop us a line with your ideas at!)

November's game will post soon!

Winning Entry for Best Death:
Entry #1 - Gold Recruit Kim, D - $45 Gift Certificate!
The best death scene in the Gundam universe, in my opinion, had to be Master Asia's death in G Gundam. Domon Kasshu and Master Asia face off in a do-or-die battle, to determine whose course of action was right in determining humanity's fate. Domon's God Gundam, while nearly at its knees at the start of the fight, ultimately overpowers Master Asia's Master Gundam with a final Sekiha Tenkyoken/God Finger combination attack. Afterwards, however, Domon tearfully exchanges final words with his former master, as Master Asia proudly praises Domon's skills and his judgment for humanity. The two repeat their famous phrase as Master Asia quietly passes away: "Look, the East is burning red!" Despite the ups and downs of Master Asia's development in the series, from his glorious reunion with Domon to their anguished falling-out as Domon realized his master's side in the battle, Master Asia continued to be the wise and encouraging mentor to his pupil, teaching him the signature "Sekiha Tenkyoken" move and guiding him towards a better future. The respect and closeness they have for one another culminated in a death match between the two that ended with Domon tearfully defeating his master. As the two characters shouted, "Look, the East is burning red!" together for the last time, Master Asia's death represented the passing of Domon's closest and most loved friend in a way that no other Gundam series can: through hot-blooded, Street-Fighter-esque combat and a true emotional connection between two characters.

Second Place: Entry #3 - Platinum Recruit Wang, P. - $20 Gift Certificate!
The Dude driving the truck in Gundam Rising. Hear me out on this one guys, because I cry every time. So, in episode 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam, at about the 10 minute mark, some poor chap driving the truck carrying the top half of a Guncannon gets blown to Timbuktu by a Zaku. Pshaw, you may say, what's the death of another civilian "extra" in a series where extras die more often than Relena yells, "HEERO!" But think about it. This dude got left behind in an evacuation order by all of his comrades to drive a stupid truck, A TRUCK for God Gundam's sake. It's hard to remember in a show where 16 year old kids pilot giant iron mechs because it's their "destiny", that there are still middle-aged dudes who have to drive trucks because IT'S THEIR JOBS. This guy, who was probably already having a bad day, has to suit up in his g-suit, get in a truck, and not even have the pride to say he's carrying a one of a kind, war ready, mech that will save humanity. No. He's carrying one half of a Guncannon... at least he wasn't carrying one half of a Guntank, and after all of his work, the stupid Guncannon gets blown up, and that in turn, blows him up. That's right, the Zaku hit the Guncannon, not his truck, but the Guncannon, and its explosion destroyed the truck. Mr. Truck driver, you may not be the bravest. You may not a Gundam ace, but you were just doing your job, for which your devotion cost you your life. I salute you, Mr. Trucker, for you are the martyr of the "extras" and a champion of average Joes everywhere.

Third Place: Entry #2 - Platinum Recruit Scott, C. - $10 Gift Certificate!
Oh man, there's so many to choose from, some obvious, some not so much. But I'm going to go with... Victim: Alejandro Corner, in the Alvatore/Alvarron, Gundam 00 (Season 1, Episode 25). Murder Suspects: Setsuna F. Seiei in Gundam Exia; Ribbons Almark. At the beginning of the show's run, when nobody really knew how the show was going to go, Alejandro Corner was a cipher. It was clear he had some tie to Celestial Being, but also was a prominent political figure (and having a very offputting relationship with the 'innocent' manservant Ribbons). He was a dandy, but given the various flourishes the characters had in name or design, it wasn't anything obnoxious - yet.It is when the moment comes where he takes a GOLDEN LUGER of all things, a -space Golden Gun- and unloads it into a cryogenic frozen Aeolia Schenberg that we knew how rotten, selfish, and petty this man was - and by doing so he gave Celestial Being their trump card, Trans Am. And, to add to his fail, has has a golden Mobile Armor, a low rent bling Dendrobium COMPLETE with g*dd*mn golden pilot suit that he takes to the field in to fight along nineteen GN-Xs. While his buddies are doing pretty d*mn well against two Gundams and a mothership, this guy can't even take out ONE, albeit it has the GN-Arms. This guy, this dandyman talks so much smack, yet fails to actually kill Lasse in the GN-Arms, and fails to even DAMAGE Exia before he's carved up like a pig. And like a wounded pig, he lays there as he contacts Ribbons - through a GOLD-EMBROIDERED COM SCREEN NO LESS - thinking his 'angel' is going to to save him. And it is then, then that Ribbons shows his true colors and shows that all along, Celestial Being, the blocs, Alejandro himself, and even us as the audience were played for fools. Ribbons, now in complete control of Veda, with Celestial Being pretty much destroyed and the Earth uniting as planned, successfully pulls the Starscream on Alejandro when not even the Transformer himself could do it in any incarnation. The look on Alejandro's face as Ribbons smugly rubs in the truth right before he dies, the realization that he was nothing more than a PAWN when he thought he was Treize 2.0 seals the deal. For him thinking he was all that, talking so much smack before being put into his place in his dying moments was just perfect. And for being full of so much fail and arrogance, for utterly shaming the color gold in Gundam, (yes, even more so than the Strike Freedom or Akatsuki in DESTINY), shaming an (unintentional?) -James Bond- icon, and even failing against one Gundam in a broken tier, final boss multiform mech and then having it rubbed in before he bites it - it's a death I personally treasure.

Honorable Mention Best Death Award: Platinum Recruit Eaton, D. - $5 Gift Certificate!
All the Federation jerks that were in the base during the penultimate episode in Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Death by giant energy cannon. Because they deserved it completely. The Feddies and Zeon were close to having peace or even a truce, and instead of accepting it they attempted to seize the advantage which ended up making Aina's brother even angrier. Then they knowingly send their soldiers into a losing fight (thanks to Ginias having a crazy suit that was annihilating everything). It was a great example of showing that the Federation weren't completely the good guys and Zeon the bad guys, as the original Gundam show quite often displayed. I am glad that Kojima left the building when he did.

Winning Entry for the Worst Death:
Entry #1 - Platinum Recruit Eaton, D. - $45 Gift Certificate!
Ramba Ral, Gouf, Mobile Suit Gundam, Died by committing suicide with a grenade while jumping into the hand of RX-78-2. Ramba Ral was one of Zeon's finest pilots who actually got stuff done. Through guerilla tactics, he was also one of the first pilots to whup the RX-78-2 and strike fear into Amuro with his Gouf. His untimely death is the result of political infighting, which resulted in him being isolated without back up or proper equipment. Why his death is the worst was because of how great of a character he was. He was logical, cared for his troops (as evidenced by attacking the White Base to rescue a captured soldier), and a genuinely nice guy as evidenced by when Amuro met him in the cafe. If he had been properly supplied, it was fully possible that he could have defeated the RX-78-2 or at least gave it one heck of a fight.

Second Place: Entry#3 - Gold Recruit Kim, D. - $20 Gift Certificate!
Arguably one of the worst death scenes in the Gundam universe took place in Victory Gundam, when Katejina Loos sent female soldiers clad in bikinis and armed with rocket launchers to take on Uso Ewin in his Victory 2 Assault Gundam. While they managed to destroy parts of the Gundam's armor plating, Uso ultimately foiled their tactics, killing them by simply swatting them away or knocking into them with the Gundam. One soldier was unfortunate enough to be vaporized to ashes by a simple beam saber swipe. Boom, the battle had finished within a minute. Let's start with the obvious: did Katejina really believe that sending soldiers out in bikinis would distract the pilot enough for him to be defeated? Having a small group of soldiers take on a lead Gundam in a series is laughable enough, but having them dressed in swimsuits takes it to a whole different level. This tactic was highly impractical, and sexist to say the least. Second, let's consider the actual clip. While the video animation was nice and fluid, the sound effects of the women being destroyed by Uso could have been much, much better. Ear-wrenching and poor-quality grunts were used, which hardly sounded realistic. Finally, the relevance of the scene seemed quite random, as another mobile suit appears to take on the Gundam immediately after the deaths of the bikini women, seemingly giving those deaths no purpose in the episode. All in all, this death scene was mainly eye-candy, as it was irrelevant, hilariously impractical, and just plain dumb.

Third Place: Entry #2 - Gold Recruit Eskildsen, D. - $10 Gift Certificate!
Gundam ZZ- Chara Soon Kamikaze death. She was an interesting, erratic character, but I never once thought she would be the type to go kamikaze and just kill herself in a fight against a mass production quebeley. I personally was very upset by this turn of events. I had grown to like her as a character, and getting to know her duo personality, I never saw her as the type to do something so foolish, it's as if Tomino decided that he didn't like her anymore and just said "the hell with you" and boom, dead, giant explosion. I was incredibly disappointed.

Honorable Mention Worst Death Award: Platinum Recruit Scott, C. - $5 Gift Certificate!
Gundam has a lot of these too, from stupid to pathetic (the way they die versus above where it's a PATHETIC character that dies), to just plain -wrong.- And my selection is from the same series: Victim: Sergei Smirnov, the Wild Bear of Russia, in a recolored Tieren Taozi, Gundam 00 (Season 2, Episode 17). Murder Suspect: His bit-I mean pathetic excuse for a son, Andrei Smirnov in Ahead. Grand Jury of the Gundam Club Recruits, I stand before you today to explain just why the death of Sergei Smirnov is not only a tragic death, but an utterly pointless one, one that is objectively unjustifiable. Despite being an 'antagonist' to the main characters of the series, Sergei was never an unlikable man; compared to most of the other 'aces' of the show, let alone the franchise as a whole, he was very calm and controlled while having both a strong moral compass and unbending discipline. He showed disgust at the HRL's Superhuman Insittute, yet came to care and love Soma/Marie as his own daughter - enough to let her go to the enemy he's sworn to fight. While holding no love for Celestial Being (and being able to hold his own against them in a grunt suit), he was willing to accept their help on at least two occasions. He was against the totalitarian rule of A-LAWS, but believed that terrorism was not the answer. Beyond being a sympathetic antagonist, he was above all a good, well-rounded person, an exemplar of good character - I relate him to being kind of like Bright Noa. And like Bright, Sergei had the misfortune of his son falling very far from the tree. While tension between him and Andrei would be understandable after Holly's death, and while it would be in character for a 10 year old kid to be confused and angry about his mother dying and blaming the wrong people, Andrei became the complete opposite of his father. Spiteful, rash, angsty and above all a moron. Even somehow getting into the military, Andrei held onto this belief that Sergei was responsible for his mother's death instead of the terrorists that actually killed her, even though in the military it's common knowledge that sometimes sacrifices have to be made. And to 'spite' his dad and be different from him, he decided to follow in his dad's career path. While illogical, okay, people are emotional and dumb, and maybe that's the justification behind Andrei's motivation. BUT. BUT when Hercules and Sergei fly out of the destroyed Africa Tower and figuring out WHO they were, what did Andrei do? He didn't wait for orders to engage, he didn't request orders as to what to do (because you know, maybe you want to capture the leader of the coup and get info?). He acted on his own volition and killed Hercules, and then when discovering it was his dad in the Tieren, he doesn't even say 'die traitor,' he says 'This is for Mother's revenge!' Let me repeat: He killed his own dad - who didn't fight back and in fact pushed Andrei away so he wouldn't get caught in the explosion - who was on the Federation's, HIS side, without confirming him as an enemy, without recieving or requesting orders and breaking the chain of command, all so he could get misguided, petty revenge on him. He killed his own dad, his only living parent, an allied unit, one of the most sympathetic characters in the Gundam franchise not because he was forced to or doing it unknowingly. He did it because he hated his dad for something he wasn't responsible for, and used his mom as weak justification for it. There are rules of engagement and chains of command in a battle to follow, which Andrei utterly and knowingly disregarded, But beyond that failing as a soldier, Andrei failed as a human being. Sergei Smirnov, the Wild Bear of Russia, was murdered just so his son could feel good about himself. One of the most tragic, pointless, and wrong deaths in Gundam's history. Unlike Haman or Oliver May, where it was of their own volition, unlike Odelo or that one Shrike girl holding the mass driver, where it was the horrors of war - this was MURDER.


The answers are in and the finalists have been chosen! Some of the answers were technical and based on facts; some were heart-wrenching and emotional; some reflected on the viewer's take and memories; and others were just pretty funny. There was a mix of subjective and objective entries, and it was very cool to read them. Tough choices had to be made, though, and we took a vote for the finalists--and enlisted some local GSAM "advisors" to help us out and vote for the finalists as well. (Thanks to Josh, Kevin, and "Mr. X.") There were also a couple entries, which didn't make the finals but were close, that will be getting honorable mentions when we post the winners. (We do stuff like that!)

Now we turn the voting over to you, Recruits! Please cast your vote in the form below. Winners will be announced on Halloween! (Note: We did * out the vowels of swear words as needed on the entries; not like you won't figure them out anyway, but--lest we get complaints--we tried to be user-friendly for younger recruits while allowing for freedom of speech...)


There are lots of chances to win a prize in this game and two ways to win!

Here's what you have to do: In the form below, tell us the best death that has occurred in any Gundam series. It can be one that shocked you, had excellent effects, featured a great story, or just made you cry. Choose the best one, give us your reason for selecting it, and submit it. Then you can also enter the worst death that occurred in the Gundam universe. Choose the one that was the most stupid, wrong, non-nonsensical, or just utterly pathetic in your opinion. Explain why you chose that loss as the worst Gundam death. We will have our Gundam experts choose the top submissions in each category and then put them to YOU for a vote!

The prizes will apply to both categories. First place will be a $45 gift certificate, second place will be a $20 gift certificate, and third place will be a $10 gift certificate. That's a total of $150 in prizes!

Remember that there are two parts to each submission: the death and your reasoning. You will be judged on both and are welcome to be technical, creative, or humorous with your reasoning.

Submissions must be received by October 28th at 11:59 pm EST. Voting will begin on October 29th on this page. Each Gundam Club Recruit will get ONE vote for the winner in each category. Voting will close on October 30th at 11:59 pm EST. The winners will post to the site on October 31st. Good luck, Recruits! And remember... our shipments start arriving in late October, so you'll have cool kits to spend your winnings on!

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