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Crack the Codes Game

Crack the Codes Game

We have our winners!

The correct answer to the game is:
"I won't be defeated by a thing like this"

The pilot who said it was:
Shinn Asuka

Our First Place Winners are:
Platinum Recruit Bassett, J.
Silver Recruit Miller, S.
Silver Recruit Angel, C.

The bonus prize goes to:
Platinum Recruit Nam, N.

Also, since this contest was a trickier one, we have decided to award honorable mention prizes of several 2nd Gunpla X Gundam.Info Promotion Campaign Cards to the following Recruits who were randomly selected from all the correct answers:

Platinum Recruit Hickox, R.
Platinum Recruit Washington, M.
Gold Recruit Yu, S.
Gold Recruit Arulfo, M.
Gold Recruit Ebelherr, A.

Thanks to everyone who played... and be sure to play to win the Epyon Poster Giveaway Race!


Ready for a challenge,

Get ready to...
Crack the Codes!

We're giving away your choice of $100 in HCM Pro action figures to *3* Recruits who win this game! As a bonus, everyone who identifies the mystery Gundam pilot along with the secret quote will be entered for a chance to win his or her choice of $30 in HCM Pro action figures!

This game has 4 steps and 4 chances to win a part of the $330 in prizes!

Step #1: Crack the alphabetical code to identify the 16 HCM Pro action figures listed on the game sheet; they are all on our website.
Step #2: Once you have them figured out, write down the letters circled in red.
Step #3: Unscramble those letters to find a quote from a Gundam pilot.
Step #4: Email us at with your name, club number, and the quote. As a bonus to get entered into the second drawing, figure out which Gundam pilot said the quote and email it with your answer.

All entries must be submitted by April 23rd. Winners will be drawn from all correct answers and announced on April 25th.

Also on April 25th, we will be announcing a free poster giveaway for 20 Recruits! Be sure to check back!

And without further delay...

Ready, set, get crackin'!

Click ---> HERE <--- for the puzzle link / pdf file!!

Good Luck, Recruits!

Just to keep you guessing...
We have a team of local Gundam builders working on some kit bashing for a contest next month.
Stay tuned!
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