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The Create-A-Gundam Contest

The Create-A-Gundam Contest

Good things come to those who wait...

So, we have decided to greatly reward the finalists in the Create-A-Gundam contest! Thank you to everyone who submitted a creation; choosing the finalists was really hard given the wide range of entries we received. However--after much contemplation--they have been chosen.

And, since we decided voting on these was going to be too tricky due to the varying entries, we did that little thing we tend to do where we "expand" our prizes... so we are giving each of the 3 finalists a $100 gift certificate!!!

So, without further delay, here are the winners:

V SMS-01 "Paradiso"
By Platinum Recruit Scott, C.

This is no Gundam! Paradiso is a high performance variable Mobile Suit designed to be a Gundam-killer. To achieve such a goal, the designer(s) stripped out everything that would impede it, including feet, giving it a bare-bones frame. With a monstrous generator, Paradiso uses aggressive high speed tactics to take down an opponent, and will not stop until one of them is destroyed. Even though itís designed for space, it can and will follow its prey into a gravity well or atmosphere. Besides beam sabers, Paradiso has a variable particle rifle, similar to a VSBR but adjustable to different rates of fire as well. With that come ten 'Birds of Paradise' funnels - each a laser turret, beam fang, and shield generator on its own. With all this, it still has the weakness of fragility. That is only exploitable head-on in either mode when its funnels are attached - the only way it can use the shield generators.

ZXN-095 ďLocustĒ
By Gold Recruit Hill, G.

The Locust was a fast-attack/ambush suit developed in secret by Zeonic corporation in U.C. 0095. The suit was eventually confiscated by Earth Federation forces and put into testing by them. During testing it was discovered it was armed with a beam-sniper rifle with an independent power supply, a beam pistol, a progressive knife, a Panzerfaust, eight funnels and an onboard jamming system. Using these weapons it would have made an effective hit-and-run mobile suit, which was discovered during testing. Using these newfound results, the Federation planned to put it into production, but it disappeared due to unknown reasons before it could happen. After itís sudden disappearance it was reportedly seen in multiple battles, seemingly allying itself with no faction whatsoever and destroying almost everything in itís path in only a short period of time. Itís pilot remains unknown and is reported to change every time. The suitís current location is unknown and it is still being tracked by itís occasional reported resurgences. Many pilots consider it a legend and a force to be reckoned with, though it is commonly regarded as a myth . A common phrase associated with it is: ďItís the Locust for a reason...Ē

GX-00870 ďMobile-ScannerĒ
By Gold Recruit Hill, A.

The Mobile scanner was a prototype mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics under the classification of a sentry unit. A suit of good defensive power and medium speed, it was intended to defend from Neo Zeon guerillas. Armed with two beam sabers, one shoulder-mounted cannon, one high-powered beam sniper rifle and a backpack with adaptable funnels or automated turrets, it was proposed to be the ultimate in defensive technology. Itís main feature though, was itís high-powered scanner that could find enemies as though it were piloted by a newtype. The idea was accepted and the suit was sent into development and prototype production. The prototype was developed in U.C. 0087, and began testing later that year. Testing went as planned and the suit performed well, but just as it was to be put into mass production, it was scrapped for unknown reasons. The prototype model still remains and has been allegedly seen on multiple occasions assisting in the defense of colonies and convoys of the Earth Federationís forces against Neo Zeonís forces, itís intended purpose. The pilot of the suit is currently unknown as is the suits current whereabouts. Many believe it shall remain as such forever.

Excellent Work, Recruits!!!


Have you ever imagined the most AWESOME Gundam?

If the sky was the limit and you could create any Mobile Suit you wanted, what would it be? Here's your chance to draw it, describe it, and maybe even win $100 to the store with it!

Back when GSAM was just getting started years ago, we ran a HUGE Gundam drawing contest. Hundreds of entries were mailed in, and we gave away tons of prizes. We even have some of those drawings still hanging in our office today. We were feeling a bit nostalgic, and thought, "Why not do that again?" However, we decided to do it this time just for our Club Recruits to keep it small scale.

Here's how this contest will work:

1. Create your own original Gundam and sketch it out for us. If you choose to do it by hand, it can be in pencil, pen, marker, colored pencils, crayons, blood, anything. If you would like to do it on the computer, well, use your computer. You can use any software, but the Gundam creation must be your own.

2. Name your character and write out a description of it--200 words or less, please.

3. Send your drawing to us as an attached .jpg or .png file to by December 31st; alternatively, if you can't send your entry by computer, you can mail it to us at our physical address in Ann Arbor on our "Contact Us" page. If you mail your entry, please send it AT LEAST a week before the deadline to be sure it arrives in time. PLEASE NOTE: All entries must be on 8" x 10" piece of paper size or smaller and need to include your name, Club number, phone number, and email address.

4. Patiently wait until January 4th when we will announce the top three finalists. Then we will put them to a 48 hour vote. One vote per Recruit. The picture with the most votes will win. Winners will be announced on January 7th.

The First Place winner will be awarded a $100 gift certificate to GSAM. The second place winner will get $40, and the third will get $20. And... knowing us... we will be giving away some extra prizes, too. We're just nice like that.

Note: If your creation is found not to really be yours, you will be disqualified... this pretty much goes without saying, but we said it just the same.

Best of Luck, Recruits... Get Creative!
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