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Mind Games WINNERS!

Mind Games WINNERS!
And the winners are...

1st: Platinum Recruit Merz, J.
2nd: Silver Recruit Gonzalez, C.
3rd: Platinum Recruit Sadler, C.

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to everyone who played, too! If you're interested in the correct answers, they are listed below. Check back on July 6th for the next game!

Correct Answers:
2) Zechs Merquise, Wufei Chang, Trowa Barton, Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Quatre Raberba Winner (or these pilots in reverse order)
3) 780 models


Think you're smart?
Prove it by winning the
Gundam Club Mind Games!

Your mission is to answer the three questions below. Any Recruit who can figure out all three answers correctly will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. First place will be a $75 gift certificate, second place will be a $25 gift certificate, and third place will be a large Gundam 00 wall scroll!

When you have your answers, email them along with your name and membership number to Winners will be chosen on Monday, June 28.

Three lucky recruits will win a prize, so put your thinking helmets on.

Good luck, Recruits!

(FYI: In the event that no one gets all 3 questions right, we will do the drawing for all the people to get 2 questions right; however, if only 1 person gets all 3 questions right, he or she will win all 3 prizes!)

Mind Boggling Question #1

Little Johnny is reorganizing his Gundam 00 mobile suits. He has 10 kits: 3 kits from Celestial Being (abbreviated as C); 3 kits from the UN Forces/Earth Sphere Federation/A-LAWS/Innovators (abbreviated as U); 2 kits from the AEU (abbreviated A); and 2 kits from the Human Reform League (abbreviated H). All of his kits are placed side-by-side on his display shelf. The kits' placements on the shelf are numbered consecutively from 1 to 10. They are arranged as follows:
1) The 2 AEU (A) models are next to each other.
2) None of the UN Forces/Earth Sphere Federation/A-LAWS/Innovators (U) models are side-by-side.
3) A Celestial Being (C) model is at one end and an AEU (A) model is at the other.
4) There are Human Reform League (H) models in positions 3 and 9, and a UN Forces/Earth Sphere Federation/A-LAWS/Innovators (U) model in position 6.

Based on this information, what order are the model kits in on Little Johnny’s shelf?

Mind Boggling Question #2

The pilots of Gundam Wing decided that they wanted to go to the movies to see Prince of Persia, and Zechs Merquise decided to go with them only because he thinks Jake Gyllenhaal is a good actor. At the theater, they find six seats in a row. Wufei Chang and Quatre Raberba Winner sit down and have three people between them. Trowa Barton sits down next to Wufei, but not next to Duo Maxwell. Zechs is on the end, but Wufei isn't.

Between which two people is Heero Yuy sitting?

Mind Boggling Question #3

Mitch decided he had to get rid of most of his old Gundam collection (GASP!) in order to make room for new Gundam models. He gave 1/3 to his best friend Steve, 1/4 to his girlfriend Samanatha, and sold 2/5 of them on ebay. He decided to keep his 13 favorite old kits, because he just couldn't part with them.

How many Gundam models did Mitch have to begin with?
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