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Enter the "Luck o' the Gundam" Shamrock Hunting Contest!

Contest Winners!

Okay, we had you searching high and low on the site. Some of you shared your stories and the lengths you went to to find the shamrocks, which made us laugh. BUT WE REMAINED IMPARTIAL! Every entry was assigned a number, and the winning numbers have been chosen. However, because we did work you all quite hard, we decided after the $50 winners were drawn to choose three extra "honorary mention" winners and give them $15. So, without further ado, here are your winners:

$50 Winners
Platinum Recruit Dembeck, J.
Silver Recruit Liang, J.
Platinum Recruit Hib, D.

Honorary Mention $15 Winners
Gold Recruit Chinchilla, D.
Platinum Recruit Yu, S.
Platinum Recruit Levesque, E.

Congratulations to the winners; you will be getting emailed your gift codes this afternoon! Thanks to everyone who played as well; you all were great sports!

And... be sure to check back for another exciting contest next month, too!

Attention, Gundam Club Recruits! This contest is for you!

Hidden within the Gundam section of our site are 6 lucky Gundam shamrocks; find all 6 and you could win a $50 gift certificate to our store! This contest is only for Gundam Club Members, and 3 of you who find all 6 of the shamrocks will be randomly chosen to win a $50 gift certificate!

This is an example of what you are looking for:

Once you have found all 6 of them, email your name, membership number, and the names of the 6 items that had shamrocks hidden on their pages to

So, start hunting! The contest runs through midnight on March 22nd. Winners will be posted to the club page on March 23!

(And, if you find yourself stumped, check this page on March 21. We will post a few last minute clues that may be of some help!)


Some Clues for Last Minute Shamrock Hunters:
1. This item isn’t cold, it is hot, hot, HOT!
2. Two shamrocks can be found in the section that is called “Uchuu Seiki” in Japanese.
3. This item was the successor to the original Pegasus class assault carrier.
4. Check the High Complete models.

Granted, we didn’t give you clues to ALL the shamrocks… because, well, that wouldn’t have been fair. Happy hunting!

Good Luck!
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