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News from Gundam Store and More

News from Gundam Store and More

The "One A Day Giveaway" is going on through November 22nd!

Our "One a Day Giveway" began in October and will run through November 22nd. One lucky customer a day will be drawn to win a surprise pack. The items included will vary from day-to-day. We're doing this as a thank you for sticking with us while we were waiting on inventory to arrive and to help us rotate some stock. It benefits you; it benefits us... everyone's happy! (Well, the people who win a pack will be even more happy, but you catch our drift.) The pack will be a minimum of a $10 value at our regular prices and will go up to to $25 at least once per week--most likely a few times. We will throw in a couple Gundam Club memberships so more people can play the club games and get some extra deals, too!

Some other exciting GSAM tidbits are as follows:

  • We're very pleased to announce that our inventory shipments are coming in again. Our next one is due in late November. Click HERE to see the new items that arrived in October and HERE for restocks!

  • We have lowered our regular prices by 20% based on the value of the US Dollar/Japanese Yen. We've always worked to have the lowest prices we can, and we will continue to do so in the future. We also have our 110% Low Price Guarantee in place to be sure you will get the best price from GSAM.

  • If you are a Gundam Club Recruit, be sure to enter this month's Gundam Club game. We're giving away $100 in prizes. So, head over to the Gundam Club page by clicking HERE to check it out!

  • Due to numerous customer requests for a veeeeery long time, we are finally going to be offering an expanded pre-order section. We've tried to do this before off and on over the years, but we are actually committing to getting it fully up and running this time. Seriously. While it will take a little time to get the system flowing smoothly, we're know our customers want to be sure they get the kits they want at our low prices--which they really want. So we are going to be working hard to get this system up and running in the next month. We clearly have many different kits to start restocking as Bandai releases them, so we feel this system will help us to best order what YOU want in the quantities we need so we don't run out of the popular kits you all neeeed.

  • We hate shipping costs. You hate shipping costs. We've been doing something new to try to tackle these nightmares for the last several months. While UPS Ground quotes prices on our site--and should be selected for all customers except those with PO Boxes, military addresses, or who reside in AK or HI--we've been adjusting our shipping methods between UPS, FedEx, and Priority Mail when you select UPS. We've been doing this in order to give you the fastest service for the best price to your location. If we are able to save you $1.25 or more on your shipping and packaging, you will see a notice on your receipt or a credit slip in with your order. We never have a profit from shipping orders at the end of the year. We'd rather you have the extra money to buy more Gundam. In our warehouse, PJ is specifically in charge of running multiple quotes on orders to get you the best price--and suffers the headaches from doing so. We'll get him another bottle of Tylenol and give him thanks from everyone.

  • The Gundam Forums site is being repaired. It was hacked a few weeks back, but a developer is now working on making sure will be up and running again smoothly.

  • Remember the monthly Customer Spotlight contest? Yeah, we kinda forgot about it, too. But NO LONGER! We're hoping to get new submissions to start giving away a $50 gift certificate each month for it again. Check out the contest rules HERE to enter. Let us reward your amazing skills with a gift certificate!

    We'd also like to send our thanks out Jhossue on Facebook and David, Jared, Jon, and Wesley on the Gundam Forums for all their work keeping those avenues going for us. Thanks also to all of our customers for being fantastic and standing by us when inventory was low. We look forward to being able to fill your current orders as well as your pre-orders in coming months.

    So, if you're looking for the best prices without a lot of hype, we're back... and we're going to blow away the competition!

    (Well, maybe not BLOW AWAY... but we will be sure our prices are the best in the US, just as they have been for the past 14 years!)

  • We only sell new items that are guaranteed to be authentic and have been doing so for over 15 years. We promise that our customers will be completely satisfied with their purchases.
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