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"Tell It to the Judge" Game - We have a Strike Freedom PG winner!

The judges have made a decision...

The winner of the Strike Freedom Perfect Grade is...

After much deliberation today (and tonight!), the GSAM judges ultimately decided that the entry by Platinum Recruit Spigelmyer, J. would win the new Strike Freedom Perfect Grade! It turns out that his entry also won the jury vote as well! Congratulations, Recruit--we hope you like the kit!

We also want to congratulate our two runners-up: Platinum Recruit Garcia, M. and Gold Recruit Yu, P. You both had fantastic entries, and, while you didn't win the grand prize, we hope you will enjoy the $25 gift certificates you did win.

Finally, we wanted to thank all the recruits who entered the contest (there were so many great entries!!) and all of those who voted!

Be sure to check back next month for another customized kit contest. The winner will get a $100 gift certificate!

The final entries in alphabetical order:

Platinum Recruit Garcia, M.:
"Sharp features, gentle curves, and a stunning sense of fashion: all of these are things I look for in a woman. So why should a Gundam be any different? Give me this Gundam, I implore you, and I will treat it with the love, commitment, and attention that is normally reserved for the most elegant of women. I will be the Joe DiMaggio to this model's Marylin Monroe, sans the divorce. I understand what you must be thinking: surely there is no way a man could love a model in such a manner! Well, while this may not be a foolproof affirmation of my love, attached is a Haiku; more than a mere grammatical construct, following are my feelings embodied: "Oh pretty gundam, Why are you so so shiny, I really like you." (Please do not let my lack of Haiku expertise bar me from reuniting with my perfect-grade soul mate. Thank you)."

Platinum Recruit Spigelmyer, J.

"People of the jury, honorable judge, I present to you reasons why my client be awarded custody of Perfect Grade Strike Freedom: Exhibit A- My client is a responsible modeler, equipped to handle the physical needs of Strike Freedom. Since participating in GSAM’s Planned Parenthood Program, he has all the Bandai tools necessary to ensure the unscarred health of the kit. Exhibit B- My client has proven competent in caring for Gunpla’s emotional needs. SD Strike Freedom is beloved by his entire family and rarely a week passes that it doesn’t receive the affection and dusting required of Gundam models. Exhibit C- My client has never participated in inconsiderate comments directed toward PG Strike Freedom. A model's psyche can be damaged by such harshness. While my client doesn’t abstain from assessing Bandai’s release decisions, he avoids cruel judgment. While not perfect, my client can support a Perfect Grade."

Gold Recruit Yu, P.:
"File for Custody of PG Strike Freedom: Dear, Your Honor, I have come here today to fight for someone that I love, someone who I promise to take care of, and someone who has and always will be, a member of the family. Ever since he was still a 1/144 scale in first grade, he had made an impression on me. Now that he has grown into a fine 1/60 scale, I can not bare to have him stripped away from me at such a crucial age. His family loves him and will do anything to keep him away from danger. His older brothers Astray Mirage and Heavyarms will be there for him always looking after him. Little SD Strike Noir also looks up to him as a role model! So please Your Honor, make the right decision for Strike Freedom to be with his beloved Gundam family. Thank you."

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