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Learn About Web Diver

Learn About Web Diver

The new Web Diver series, by the well known Japanese Toy manufacturer Takara, includes some exciting ideas never before seen in toys of this type. The main hero and central product in the entire lineup is called “Gradion” Like every item in the series, this toy can transform on a stand-alone basis between multiple modes (“vehicle mode” and “fighter mode”). In addition, there are seven “Web Knights” characters that fight with him, and Gradion can also combine or dock with each of these seven items individually to form another unique fighting machine (“attack mode”).

But there’s more! Gradion is also an electronic toy that has a built-in TV game! You can connect Gradion to a television set via a standard three-plug video cable (NTSC signal) and play a “battle game” or “train game” via buttons on Gradion’s back. Transforming the toy during the game play causes the character on screen to transform, too! And docking him with the other Web Knight as above when connected to the TV gives you access to special weapons and attacks.

On top of all that, each of the other seven Web Knights are also electronic, and can “communicate” with Gradion via infrared light. If you have them talk while Gradion is connected to the TV, you can see their “secret communications” (in Japanese only) on the TV.

And finally, there’s “Granblade” a hand-held weapon that transforms between sword and gun mode. This, too, is electronic and can communicate with Gradion by infrared light to produce more special effects when connected to the TV.

The individual items have the usual shooting missile/light-up emblems, etc. sort of gimmicks that kids have come to expect and love as well. They all are fully poseable, and again, can dock with Gradion to form a third “attack mode.”

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