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Living Dead Dolls: Series 7 Set - The Seven Deadly Sins - SOLD OUT

Living Dead Dolls:  Series 7 Set - The Seven Deadly Sins - SOLD OUT
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Living Dead Dolls Series 7 is headed your way! And this series is on a special mission to not only satisfy the Living Dead Doll legions, but also bring us together with Brad Pitt and Chaucer fanatics! Sound impossible? Not when you know that LDD Series 7 is recreating the Seven Deadly Sins!

This frightening, yet enticing, series of Living Dead Dolls personify the Seven Deadly Sins in a way that only Ed Long, Damien Glonek, and Mezco Toys can. The sins of Pride, Anger, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth are each morphed into vicious dolls for you to have and hold. Mezco really focused on the details in this series of dolls, and the whole set has an "improved" feel about it. It's the little things that matter to collectors, so choice details from cleavers and dried blood to plastic surgery bandages and stitches are all included with this horrific set. Series 7 is certain to satisfy even the most insatiable appetite for the macabre. (Feel free to click on the picture of the dolls to get a closer look.)

The Series 7 Set includes one each of all seven dolls. They will be shipped to customers in their original, factory-sealed and labeled Mezco carton. Inside the carton, each doll is individually packaged in its own collectible coffin. Like their predecessors, the sinful Series 7 dolls come with morbid accessories, death certificates, and their very own poems and coffins for you to cherish.

GSAM's Shamelessly Cheesy Attempt at Plugging LDD Series 7:
Don't envy your friend's Living Dead Dolls Series 7 set, LDD fans; get your own. We guarantee they will be a shining source of pride in your disgusting LDD collection. And it is totally okay to be gluttonous with us; you can order as many sets as you would like. Go ahead, be greedy even! We don't mind! One warning: Slothers beware; Living Dead Dolls Series 7 is going quick, so place your order early. We wouldn't want you to get angry if we run out and you are forced to lust after your neighbor's set! (Note: the preceding was statements were tacky and tasteless and probably did nothing to encourage you to buy Series 7. We know it, and we apologize for it; we just couldn't help ourselves.)

As always, Living Dead Doll fans, remember:
Deader is Better!

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