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Living Dead Dolls: Series 5 Set PLUS Mystery Doll - SOLD OUT

Living Dead Dolls: Series 5 Set PLUS Mystery Doll - SOLD OUT
Living Dead Dolls: Series 5 Set PLUS Mystery Doll - SOLD OUT
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They are here, Guys and Ghouls!
Yes, Living Dead Dolls Series 5 is in stock now!

The Series 5 Living Dead Dolls are an elegantly attired theatrical release starring Vincent Vaude, Hollywood, Dahlia, Jezebel, and Siren. ADDITIONALLY... The newest, grotesque Living Dead Dolls release comes with an added delight: a "Mystery"! The corpse of Mystery is so revolting that it requires a closed casket; inside sources reveal that all color has been sucked from Mystery's body. Could the cause of death be a famished vampire? Or perhaps the victim met a ritual demise... OR... just maybe... demented directors Ed Long and Damien Glonek, along with the creepy kids at Mezco, decided to release their "theatrical" set of dolls in both color and black and white to cater to the tastes all their horror movie fans! There is one "Mystery" version of each doll in this series, so fans can collect an entire black and white set. Note: This set of 5 color dolls only comes with 1 black and white Mystery doll, and it will arrive in a closed coffin.

Unsolicited Gundam Staff Commentary
--Not that we expect our customer's to care or anything--
At GSAM we don't just sell Living Dead Dolls; we actually like the sick puppies. However, when we first saw the pictures of the Series 5 dolls, we weren't sure about them. Now that they have arrived, though, we have to admit our pure humiliation in ever even considering the possibility of doubting Masters Ed and Damien, the lunatics at Mezco, and all of their twisted minds. This series is really well thought out and needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. The dolls have more intriguing stories, much better clothes (lace, buttons, feathers, marabou, satin, fringe, roses...), and nice detailing (plastic staples holding Dahlia's body together and plastic string tying singer Siren's mouth shut.) This "Silver Screen" series also comes in new silver coffins with a redesigned, themed nameplate. If Series 5 is a sign of releases to come, we can't wait to meet the next series of cadavers!

Dahlia: Little Dahlia wanted to be on the big screen, As she would find out, the scene was quite mean, On the morning they found her she had be cut in two, Just who had done this nobody knew.

Hollywood: Hollywood was a famous glamor gal, She liked to race around with her rich promoter Sal, But late one night this resulted in their death, For the brakes had been cut by a stalker named Seth.

Jezebel: Jezebel was a runaway who lived on the street, Saddened by the sound of her own heartbeat, With a razor in hand it was all just too much, Her body fell fast, ice cold to the touch.

Siren: Siren was an untimely singer, Whose voice it was said sure could linger, Until the night she was sewn into silence, Her song abruptly ended with a fierce act of violence.

Vincent Vaude: He dreamed of performing on the grand old stage, An amazing escape artist of a tender young age, So small Vincent Vaude locked himself in a trunk, By the time someone found him his body sure stunk.

The Series 5 Living Dead Dolls will be shipped in their original, factory-sealed and labeled Mezco carton. Inside the carton, each doll is individually packaged in its own collectible coffin. Like their predecessors, the atrocious Series 5 nightmares come with morbid accessories, death certificates, and their very own poems and coffins.

As always, Living Dead Doll Fans, remember...
Deader IS Better!

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