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The Lucky 25 Contest

The Lucky 25 Contest

Will you be one of the
Lucky 25?

The Winners Have Been Chosen...

The $25 Gift Certificate Winner is Platinum Recruit Hill, J.!

The winners of the folders are as follows:
Platinum Recruit Reiser, J.
Platinum Recruit Shipler, A.
Platinum Recruit Hill, J.
Platinum Recruit Riege, C.
Platinum Recruit Oka, K.
Platinum Recruit Lee, M.
Platinum Recruit Garcia, M.
Platinum Recruit Tran, L
Platinum Recruit Elms, R.
Platinum Recruit Ky, F.
Platinum Recruit Osera, J.
Platinum Recruit Cheng, Y.
Platinum Recruit Bishop, L.
Platinum Recruit Balfour, C.
Platinum Recruit Orencia, J.
Gold Recruit Pletcher, K.
Gold Recruit Herrera, B.
Gold Recruit Hogue, S.
Gold Recruit Ang, S.
Gold Recruit Nuqui, M.
Gold Recruit Fernandez, A.
Gold Recruit Breaux, C.
Gold Recruit Kern, W.
Gold Recruit Barra, E.
Gold Recruit Irwin, A.
Silver Recruit Irwin, R.

You might notice there are actually 26 winners. That's because we found an extra pair of folders, so... we decided to pick an extra winner. We're just nice like that.

The prizes are already in the mail! Enjoy!

Since the holiday rush is keeping us quite busy, and we didn't get a contest up for November, we are running a quick giveaway for Club Recruits!

We have some cool full-color 30th Anniversary folders featuring Gundam models that were created as a special promotion by Bandai. They're a unique item for collectors, as they were never released for resale. We're going to pick 25 recruits who enter the contest below, and those "Lucky 25" will get 2 of these folders--and ONE EXTRA LUCKY recruit will also find a $25 gift certificate in his or her folder!

If you are a winner, we will ship your folders to you via First Class Mail free of charge.

If you are interested in entering the giveaway, please enter your info in the form below before December 15th. The winners will be selected and posted on December 16th!

Good Luck, Recruits!

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