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Gundam Photo Scavenger Hunt

We are excited to finally announce the winners of our first Gundam Scavenger Hunt!

This contest was one of the best ones to date, according to messages from Recruits as well as our own opinion after seeing your fantastic entries! In fact, we liked the entries so much that we added a wildcard drawing to give even more Recruits a chance at a prize after all your hard work! Thankfully we drew the winners, because having to choose from them would've been too hard! You can click the Recruits' names below to see an enlarged image of their entries! (Getting the images to display large enough to see the detail caused a delay, but we finally got it!)

So without FURTHER ado...
Here are the winning entries!!

First Place $100 Winner:
Gold Recruit Nielsen, S.

Second Place $50 Winner:
Platinum Recruit Spigelmyer, J.

Third Place $25 Winner:
Gold Recruit Mason, D.

Best Picture $15 Winner:
(For "Chef Amazing" or "Chef Zak," which was a way we never thought we'd see a model, included props, and contained the letters g-u-n-d-a-m in a surprising way!)
Platinum Recruit Ojala, B.

Wildcard $10 Winners:
(We added this category to give a few bonus chances at a prize!)
Platinum Recruit Bassett, J.
Platinum Recruit Williams, S.

Thank you all so much for playing--and risking your models, in some cases, to get that perfect pic! We had several requests to open this contest up to all customers, and, since it was so fun, we are planning to offer an expanded version to everyone later this year! We'll also offer a best picture prize for each picture category, because there were so many cool shots to choose from! Be sure to check back to play!


We've got some work cut out for you, Recruits!

The Gundam Photo Scavenger Hunt requires several steps, but the treasure is worth it!

First Place = $100 Gift Certificate
Second Place = $50 Gift Certificate
Third Place = $25 Gift Certificate
Best Picture = $15 Gift Certificate

The Best Picture will be awarded first. Then all qualifying entries that complete all 10 challenges will be entered in a random drawing. If no one gets all 10, then we will go with those Recruits who got 9, etc. So do your best to get all 10 to up your chances of getting in the final drawing!

The Directions

First, you need to select a favorite Gundam model to use as your contest piece in the game. This model will need to appear in every photo you take for the contest. The whole model doesn't have to be the shot, but at least the head must be in each photo.

Second, you will find 10 objectives below. They are scenes or items you need to find and then photograph. Try to find/do as many as possible.

Third, you have to combine all 10 pictures on to one page to email us as your entry. You can use a free online collage maker (no registration required) or any software/app you like so long as the image is of reasonable size. We'd recommend either 8.5 x 11 for a single sheet or up to 2000 x 2000 for pixels with the collage makers. Further suggestions on how to do this are at the bottom of this page, and we suggest checking out how you are going to submit your photos before you take them. On your collage, your objective pictures can be various sizes, be varying shapes, and be placed in any way you like--so long as we can still see the important detail for verification. The collages are generally much larger when they are download versus what you see in the editing programs. Be sure to save your collage with your last name and membership number as the file name.

Finally, send your jpg or png image to us at (Please note this is a different email for the contest!) Be sure to include your name, phone number, and Gundam Club Membership Number. Feel free to also let us know what you thought of the contest; if there is good feedback, we're considering running a larger version of it for all customers this summer.

We hope you have fun--and happy hunting!

The Rules

1. Be sure to use the same model in each photo.
2. The photo must be clear and focused, so we can tell you fulfilled the objective.
3. You must submit all your photos to us as one image; the file title should be your last name and membership number.
4. Entries must be received by 11:59 pm EST on June 29th, 2014. Winners will be posted June 30th, 2014.

The Objectives

We're taking some liberty with the "scavenger hunt" theme and giving you some scenes/places to place your model kit and then take a picture of it. Try to complete as many as you can to increase your chances of making it into the final drawing!

1. Gundam Gone Wild: Take a picture of your model outdoors, surrounded by nature.
(We don't suggest doing this one when it's raining.)

2. Gundam Army: Take a shot of your model with at least three other models or action figures.
(If you're inspired, take it with your whole collection--unless you have 300 kits. We know some of you do!)

3. Gundam Interrupted: Place your model next to the pieces/parts of a kit you're currently working on.
(Don't have a kit you're currently working on? Time to order one from GSAM!)

4. Gundam Selfie: Shoot a selfie of your Gundam with a friend.
(It can be yourself, your grandma, a stranger--any human or other living creature will do. We may even post it on the site.)

5. Gundam Hotshot: Take a picture of your Gundam on a red car in a parking lot.
(Work quickly if the car isn't yours.)

6. Gundam Intelligence: Find a book title/author, newspaper headline, or magazine cover that has the letters G, U, N, D, A, M on/in it and stand your Gundam by it.
(We will have to see the letters, so don't just place it on a newspaper.)

7. Gundam Deathwish: Prop, place, or stick your Gundam any place that is *clearly* a bad idea.
(Don't feel like you have to push the envelope so much as to risk damage. And keep it PG-Rated as well, please and thank you.)

8. Gundam Beautiful: Find 5 female beautifying products (make-up, jewelry, perfume, pink boa) and pose them next to or on your kit.
(It will only be for a minute and then the kit can be back to guns and beam sabers. We promise.)

9. Gundam Undercover: Infiltrate Wal-Mart; snap picture of your Gundam anywhere in the store.
(Of course, GSAM assumes no responsibility if you get accused of shoplifting your model or are escorted out of the Wal-Mart... but we do take credit for any excellent deals you may find if you decide to do some shopping while there!)

10. Gundam Impressive: Hit us with your best shot... fire away. Anything goes, so make the picture awesome.
(You KNOW you want to! And it could win best picture!)

Collage Suggestions

There are several methods you can use to combine your pictures onto one entry form. For those of you who are in need of some suggestions, we're listing some free, online collage makers that don't require any sign-up or registration. It takes a few minutes to figure out how to add, resize/crop, and drag and drop photos into your collage in the various sizes you would like. Feel free to be creative. Also take a moment to see how the sizing works so you can plan how to best take your pictures. We had no experience and had a collage somewhat decently made in under 10 minutes with, which gets our recommendation, along with With any of these services, you will have the option to safely download your collage when it's complete to email it to us. Another option is simply using Microsoft Word or any other word processing program that you can paste the pictures onto one page. - Click collage, create your own, and then add photos; has options to crop photos on the site as well if needed. - Click collage, create your own, and then add photos; has options to crop photos on the site as well if needed. - Has one 10 photo collage template, but the sizes are set - Drag and drop; takes some fiddling.

Don't forget that entries are due on June 29th by 11:59 pm EST!

Good Luck, Recruits!

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