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The Create-A-Contest Contest - Winners!

The Create-A-Contest Contest - Winners!
The Winners Are In!!

Congratulations and our thanks to the following Recruits:

Gold Recruit Buton, M.
Gold Recruit Mirles, G. &
Platinum Recruit Ordonez, P.

Each Recruit will get a $25 gift certificate! We also got several other awesome ideas based on all your Gundam knowledge, and we will give a $10 certificate should we use one of them in the future! Thank you so much for your participation on this one, Recruits! We appreciate it!

We will be running one of these winning contests in July. Due to an in-house mix-up, we didn't post 2 of the contests we had planned in May. (Not to pass blame, but it was Julie's fault!) So we will run those two starting right now, since they are ready to roll! Be sure to check them out and start playing today!


Put your Gundam knowledge and creativity to the test making a Gundam Club Game in
The Create-A-Contest Contest!

We're giving away three $25 gift certificates to the winners of this contest--and the potential to pick up some $10 off coupons, too!

Here's the deal: we've run MANY Gundam Club Games. There have been Gundam crossword contests, Gundam word search contests, Gundam trivia contests, Gundam scramble contests, Gundam code contests, Gundam character contests, Gundam hunting contests, Gudam photo contests, Gundam mystery contests, Gundam holiday contests, Gundam writing contests, Gundam drawing contests... not to mention the identify the kits, customize the kits, vote for the kits, enter to win the kits, beg us for kits, etc., etc., etc games! Whew! We can't even remember them all, but they've been fun to come up with.

The problem is: the idea box is running a bit low. Since we know you all know a lot more about Gundam than we probably do, we thought we'd turn over the reins and give you a contest to MAKE a contest for the other Recruits to play. We'll pick the three we like the best and give the winners each a $25 gift certificate to the store. AND we will hold all of the contests in reserve. Should we decide to use your contest down the road, you'll not only get props and credit on the contest's page, but we'll send you a $10 off coupon, too!

While we are interested in all game ideas--so long as they are Gundam-themed--we are especially interested in challenging ones that true Gundam experts will have the knowledge to create. That's why Evil, Pondering Raccoon is the mascot for this game. We love having contests where we really make Recruits think, so feel free to ponder away and come up with some delicious evilness to stump your fellow Recruits, allow us to beam with pride, and to snicker that we got some new, eeeeexcellent games!

Here's what you have to do:

1. Come up with the most awesome Gundam Club Game you can imagine. (Don't take one of our old ones, but you can reuse a general theme--like create a crossword if you would like.)

2. Use your abundant Gundam knowledge and experience to come up with the correct answers (if it is trivia or problem-based) and give them to us with your game creation. If your game is not trivia-based, then still use your Gundam smarts to think of something that will interest other Gundam fans.

3. Provide any art/photos/etc. that are needed for the game--or anything else that your game will require. It has to actually work when we play the game to test it.

4. Be sure the game makes sense and is user-friendly. User-friendly does not have to mean easy--clearly. Sometimes our games are figured out far too quickly, so impress us with your Gundam prowess and ingenuity!

5. Please test and re-test your game for accuracy. This step is critically important because we don't like headaches--or when we have a game with a debatable answer.

6. When complete, email your game entry to along with your name, phone number, and Gundam Club number. You can actually have up to three games entered in this contest--and have three chances then to win a prize. Remember, too, that you still have more chances to win a coupon if your game is selected later on as well.

7. All entries must be submitted by May 28th at 11:59 pm EST. Winners will be announced on May 30th.

Please note: While we have other game ideas still on reserve, there are only two games we are excluding from this contest. One is a kit mash-up game and the other is a Jeopardy-like contest since they have already been completed and/or are actively in the works. However, if you happen to be a trivia expert, please mention it with your entry. We may want to enlist your help on the Jeopardy game when it rolls around!

We also like to mix up the games, so sometimes we have an easier or faster one and then come back next time with a harder one. Therefore, don't feel like your game "must" be hard to win this one. Variety is the spice of life, and we aren't sure which games will test the best until we see them all. So submit any game idea you come up with!

We look forward to rewarding you for helping us reward other Recruits in the future!

Good Luck, Recruits!

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