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Report: Mobile Suit Detective Agency

Recruit: Silvey, D.
Level: Gold
Case Status: Closed

We have successfully located the pilfered pooches. First, we had to requisition the proper equipment for this mission; in this case, I took the Gundam Astray Mirage Frame (top photo). Our first suspect was M'Quve. After a brief shoot-out in his Master Grade Gyan, (Second Photo Down,) he settled down to talk. He claimed he had nothing to do with the incident and that the dogs were stolen by someone riding a HGUC Asshimar (Third Photo). A quick look into the Mobile Suit registries showed that the only Asshimar in town was a museum piece. At the museum, I ran into none other than the Red Comet himself! For some reason I upset the famous pilot, and he took off in his Master Grade J. Ridden Zaku Ver 2.0 (Second from Bottom); Char is such a primadonna. Finally, a tip busted the case wide open: one Anavel Gato was seen buying dog food when it was well known that he hates dogs. When I arrived at Anavel Gato's hangar, I saw he had the missing mascots tied to the Master Grade Anavel Gato's Gelgoog (Bottom Picture), which he had docked for refueling. Without a functional Mobile Suit, Gato surrendered without a fight.

In all, it is another Case Closed for the Mobile Suit Detective Agency.

Fine investigation, Recruit.
And a cool story worthy of an Honorable Mention!
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