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The Power to the People Contest... WINNER!

The People Have Spoken.

A $100 Winner Has Been Chosen.

Sinanju by Platinum Recruit Edge, W.
AKA "Asterisk"

Recruit Asterisk has won a $100 gift certificate!

The two runners up will each be awarded a $15 gift certificate!

Thanks to all the Recruits who submitted models and to all of those who voted!!


This month...
YOU control the contest!
YOU make the entries!
YOU decide the $100 WINNER!

It's the POWER TO THE PEOPLE contest,
exclusively for Gundam Club Recruits!

Step 1: The Campaign. On September 13th (and yes, it will really be September 13th; we won't post late), we are going to post a link to a members only site that will allow you to upload ONE picture of your BEST model kit. You will need to register at this site, so we are sure that only club members are submitting and voting. Pick your submission wisely, because you only get to enter ONE kit and you can only enter ONE picture of it.

The uploading site is open!
After reading the rules below, go to to enter the contest!
You may upload your photo entry until 9/19 at 11:59 pm EST!

If you have any problems with the contest site, please email us at

You are also invited to take a sneak peek at the Gundam Forums which will be launching soon with expanded topics and features!

  • The kit entered must be a Gundam model kit that you have built.
  • The kit must be either 1/144 scale or 1/100 scale; NO 1/60 SCALE KITS OR OTHER SIZES.
  • The kit can be standard or customized.
  • The kit can be posted with a background.
  • The entry can only have ONE model kit in the picture; no battle scenes with two mobile suits.
  • All entries are subject to disqualification if any of the above rules are not followed.

Step 2: The Primaries. On September 20th (and yes, it will really be September 20th; we won't post late), we will open the polls. Each Club Member will get THREE VOTES to choose their favorite kits. You can only vote once per picture, and it is okay to vote for your own entry. Voting will last one week until 11:59 pm EST on September 26th. Consider this round of voting to be the primaries.

Step 3: The Election. On September 27th (and yes, it will really be September 27th; we won't post late), we will reopen the polls and allow each member one vote for the BEST kit out of the top three from the primaries. The polls will close on September 30th at 11:59 pm EST.

Step 4: The Victory. On October 1st, by 12:10 am EST, (and, yes, it will really be at that time...) we will formally post and announce the $100 winner based upon the popular vote of all the Recruits. In the event of a tie, there will be a coin flip--but we're hoping that won't be needed.

Best of luck to all the Candidates... er, we mean, Recruits!
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