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The Stump-A-Recruit Quiz Game

The Stump-A-Recruit Quiz Game

The Battle of Knowledge is Complete...
And the Winners have been Selected!

It turns out no one got all 10 questions correct, so we have chosen from the Recruits with the highest scores. Each one will get a $25 gift certificate to the store!

And the winners are...

Gold Recruit Zoeller, S.
Platinum Recruit Jimenez, J.
Platinum Recruit Scott, C.
Platinum Recruit Washington, M.

We have to add... some of your answers were hilarious.
Much thanks for the creativity!

The Answers:

Question 1: Yeah, okay... so, to start the game off, perhaps we made an error. In all the years of selling Gundam Rose, we just assumed she was rather female and planned for Frenchie to be the answer. There's also the pink Zaku Live Concert version option, but our favorite arguments from Recruits were for Nadleeh and GN Archer. Very funny. Since "Rose" may not be "female," PLUS 1 for everyone!
Question 2: United Colonies Federation
Question 3: Force Impulse Gundam
Question 4: Madorna
Question 5: GOTCHA! We weren't figuring all that math out... PLUS 1 for everyone who had an answer!!
Question 6: Unicorn Gundam
Question 7: Rau Le Creuset
Question 8: Beargguy..............
Question 9: We separated as friends and the next time I saw him we were enemies
Question 10: Oggo

Thanks for playing, Recruits! We hope you enjoyed it, and congrats to the winners!!

Attention Recruits!
Up to $100 is Up for Grabs!

Play the Stump-A-Recruit Quiz Game below for your chance to win! Four lucky winners will get a $25 gift certificate to the store. If only one Recruit answers all the questions correctly, that person will get all 4 certificates! Answers must be in by April 29th, and the winners will be announced on April 30th!

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