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Transformers Generation 1 Act 3 PVC Figures CASE

Transformers Generation 1 Act 3 PVC Figures CASE
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Product Description

In the Transformers PVC 3 CASE, you will get 12 sealed boxes of PVC figures. Each box contains one figure. The figures are inserted at random, so there is no telling which figure you will get. Therefore, buying a case doesn't necessarily mean that you will get one each of all the basic figures.

The PVC figures are small, soft-vinyl kits of classic Transformers characters. There is one kit per box. In the picture, the regular figures are the 6 color and 6 clear versions of the top 6 Autobot/Decepticon figures: Raiden, Chromedome, Ironhide (Iron Hide), Sixshot, Soundwave, and Bumblebee with Spike. The RARE Chase pieces are mixed 1 in every carton. (A carton has 10 cases of figures which total 120 individual boxes!) There are 2 Chase figures and 1 SUPER chase figure. The Chase figures are Reformat Megatron (aka Reincarnation Megatron) and Battle Damage Optimus Prime. The SUPER Chase figure is Grand Maximus (aka Brave Maximus, Fortress Maximus). Grand Maximus was so big that it had to be separated into 6 pieces and inserted into 6 random individual boxes; so don't thow away any funny looking pieces! The boxes are all sealed and you cannot see what you are getting until you open them.

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